Brera District Information
Moving around the City
Main point of interest nearby the Suite

Explore the epitome of luxury surrounding our suite on the meticulously curated map.

Uncover exclusive boutiques, world-class dining, and hidden gems that define opulence in this locale. From designer labels to artisanal delicacies, this is a journey into sheer indulgence. Let the map be your guide to a world of lavishness.

Elevate your experience and relish in the finest offerings this exquisite destination has to offer.

10 minutes walking
Castello Sforzesco
Majestic fortress, historical landmark, art, culture, and picturesque gardens in Milan.
1 minutes walking
Pinacoteca di Brera
Meuseum of reinessance art
12 minutes walking
Parco Sempione
Biggest park in Milan. Royal garden of the Castle
3 minutes walking
Palazzo Reale
Previously house of the royal family. Today museum.
2 minutes walking
Teatro alla Scala
One of the most famous Opera theatre in Italy.
20 minutes walking
Arco della Pace
Ancient door of the city, today is famous as happy hour zone in Milan
3 minutes walking
Duomo di Milano
One of the most famous italian cathedral
3 minutes walking
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Famous gallery with fashion brands and luxury stores
Moving Around the City
Explore the City

Milan’s public transport whisks you through the city like a fashion runway.

Hop on the sleek Metro, with its color-coded lines, for a speedy journey. Trams, zipping through dedicated lanes, offer a touch of nostalgia.

Buses weave through the vibrant streets, perfect for catching glimpses of daily life. With a single ticket allowing transfers, explore iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and delicious neighborhoods – all on a budget-friendly adventure.

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